Kardan for two spotlights QR111
Kardan for two spotlights QR111

Cardan-type trim for two bulbs QR111

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Cardan type trim for two aluminum QR111 LED spotlights. It is a type of trim for recessed and is available in two colors: matte white and matte black. Its two rings are tilting to reach any angle you need to illuminate. They are ideal for any type of business and also for the home.

Measures: 335x180mm

Cut: 315x165mm

Cardan recessed for 2 spotlights QR111

If you are looking for a product with which to direct the light just where you want in addition to being an accessory with an elegant design, the kardan for QR111 spotlights is what you need. Once you install it with a subtle flick of the wrist you can tilt each of the rings and get the light to that point that needs to be illuminated. It doesn't matter if you have it installed far away from your target, if the QR bulb is of high quality and powerful it can be illuminated even if the distance is long. But usually this fixture is installed together with others of the same family, and if it is a store with many mannequins and shelves or donkeys, usually each point of light illuminates one of these objects, so you will need several kardans to cover everything.

Sleek and light design

One of the most striking things about this product is its aesthetics. Despite being an accessory, it exudes elegance and you know that wherever you install it, it will look good. It is made of aluminum with a good thickness, which gives it hardness and lightness at the same time. It looks sturdy and resistant, with good finishes and the springs that make anchoring are very flexible and easy to handle. TheCardan for QR111 spotlights is available in two colors, both in matte finish. You can choose it in White with smooth touch or in Black (dark gray) with rough touch.

How to install the Cardans

This accessory is very easy to install or replace old ones. You simply have to make a hole a little smaller than its outer size to overlap the false ceiling or reuse the old hole if you are making a substitution (if the measures match perfect, if not you can look to adapt it). Once this is done, you can use the old AR111 luminaires you had installed or install new ones. We always recommend changing them if they have already been used for many hours, and even more if they are not LED, as this technology offers many advantages. If you want to know what they are we invite you to see this infographic. The kardan has tabs on the back of its smaller ring that will fix them by pressure. Check that the lights work and you can insert the kardan together with the QR111 bulbs in the hole, bending the two springs on the same side, insert into the ceiling and repeat the same action with the other side.

tienda de tecnología y electrónica iluminada con focos Qr111 montados en kardanstienda de objetos antigua iluminada con kardans empotrados y focos QR111kardans y focos led QR111 instalados en isla de cocina

Advantages of installation in stores and homes

  • Direct the light where you need it, easily and quickly.
  • Light and resistant.
  • Aesthetically very elegant.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Suitable for all QR111 spotlights on the market.
  • Very good price.

Where to install them?

  • Any type of commercial store is suitable for using this product. It will give a beautiful and elegant design to the store.
  • Widely used in museums and art exhibitions to focus the light on the exhibits.
  • In offices and design/architecture studios.
  • Hospitality
  • General home lighting
  • Focal lighting to highlight objects in any location.
Dimensions (mm) Lxlxh
Cutting dimensions (mm)
Use Outdoor
Temperature range
-20°C ~ +40°C
Frequency of use
According to legal guarantee: 2 years
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